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Vacation at "le Grand Mizieux"

It's often a discovery fot the whole family



'Le domaine le Grand Mizieux' is a lovely place in Burgundy to:

- 're'discover yourself and your family

- to de-stress

- where the time appears tot stand still 

- where you feel a connection with yourself, each other and nature

There is a lot to do in Burgundy but above all there is peace an space.


Each family has his own dynamic and sometimes there is a friction at home. In daily life there is not always time to pay attention to this. The holiday here can be a new start. A holiday with time for each other. Quality time.

We have a swimmingpool and with sunbeds and a small lake, an oasis of peace. You can picnic there or just sit and read and for children it is an idyllic place to play with a small boat.