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'"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes'".

Marcel Proust






Looking in another way at things can make a great difference. During your holiday the question of the 'why' of the behaviour of your child is a central one. Important in our lives is the need to be accepted as you are. It is vitally important that there is a strong feeling of confidence and trust between parent and child.


Questions will be followed by new questions. The strengt of this way of working is that there is time to think it all over. Sometimes it happens that you find the answer some time later and not at the moment the question was raised. While you are there, there will be time, time to discover answers later that week.


A process is goning on but you stay in charge of that process. You decide whether you will continue looking for more questions or let it rest a little while. It is all open, there is no obligation. It is your holiday but it can be a moment of growth.


The coaching includes:

'A Treasure Hunt'. with the parents.

A conversation with the child. Which can be a walk with the dogs or swimming or ...........

'A handles interview' to finish.

The coaching contains 3x2uur and will cost €120.